Your True State Of Being

Your True State Of Being
In meditation, we reclaim what we already are. It is a returning to our centre. It may be termed a process of upward relaxation into superconsciousness. Superconsciousness is forever our reality. It is our true state of being.

You will attain superconsciousness more quickly, and not only in meditation, if you seek to attune yourself with it in your daily activities. The more you seek to be guided by intuition, which is an aspect of superconsciousness, the greater success you will meet in every undertaking. For the rational mind can only point to probable solutions. Intuition, rooted as it is in superconsciousness, will supply you with clear answers. From a superconscious perspective, all life is a unity.

To live superconsciously is to maximise our abilities in every department of life. The rational mind, with its focus on differences, is essentially problem-oriented. The superconscious, with its broader, more unitive view, is solution-oriented. The unitive view is justified objectively in Nature. Every natural problem has a corresponding solution.

Superconscious living means to trust one's life to the flow of a higher wisdom. Superconsciousness arranges things in ways that we might never imagine. I've seen this principle at work on countless occasions. Always it has worked better than any solution I might have provided myself.

Can we really attract inspiration at will? Yes indeed! Strong energy, powered by confidence (which must be rooted in faith; it must not be ego-confidence ) can attract inspirations, opportunities, solutions to problems anything.

It isn't a question of wanting anything personally, but of wanting it because it is right. It is important to exclude ego-motivation as much as possible and to see that faith doesn't become an excuse for irresponsibility.

To live superconsciously means to cooperate with the superconscious flow, not to expect that flow to do everything for you. Its a question of energy in cooperation with faith. Be wholly focussed on whatever you are doing, without seeing yourself as the doer.

Guidance often comes only after an idea has been made concrete by setting it in motion. If, therefore, you receive no answer in meditation, act in whatever way seems reasonable to you, but continue to listen for guidance in the heart.

At a certain point, if your direction is right, you will feel the endorsement you've been seeking. But if your direction is wrong, suddenly you will know it is wrong. In that case, try something else, until the endorsement comes.

To refuse to act until you receive inner guidance is good only if you can keep your level of energy and expectation high, for it is high energy and high expectation that attract guidance.

In seeking guidance, form a clear mental picture of what it is you need. Then hold that picture up to superconsciousness at the point between the eyebrows. No time at all is needed: only sufficient mental clarity and energy.

Never use the claim of inner guidance as an argument for convincing others to listen to you. The flow of superconsciousness is always humble, never boastful. It doesn't cooperate with attitudes that discourage others from seeking their own inner guidance. To tell a person,"This is what my intuition tells me, so this is what we must all do," is to say, in effect, God will speak only through me, not through anyone else. The divine law does not endorse pride.

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